I am Haffnium 72

ICQ nr : 320578895


I created this site for my own pleasure, here I can expose all my fantasies, and show all my dreams to you. But let me state that all of these drawings are only fantasies, it wasn't, it isn't and it never will be my intention to realize these thoughts IRL ! I hope that you, dear friend, will take the contents of my site with a bit of humor and enjoy exploring it.


If your are looking for something in particular on my page,just inter a key-word in the box
and hit the search button. When you search for a string , for instance, belly torture,
you must use quotes, write "belly torture"

The time and temperature where I live is for the moment :

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You still can :



It was the 13 th of march in the year 1999 ,when I up-loaded my page for the first time. ( a day I always remeber )

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